Build, Innovate, Educate

A network of blogs and projects to teach and learn between people everywhere.

A Merry Band of Sites

The RTA network consists of a set of blogs and websites containing my portfolio of current and past projects and topical articles on a range of subjects to share my experience as well as to learn from others.

Associated Sites

WAVE Media

My main project site, offering a portfolio of projects as well as a topical blog on web, audio, viusal, electronics and education.

Loz & Mike

Formed from a student community consisting of a weekly karaoke night in Scarborough, L&M seeks to grow in the future into bigger projects within the musical community.

Friday Mike Project

A regular blog of live and archived posts containing various projects including beard : : os and Spark | Cell as well as sharing ideas and scenarios to solve problems big and small.

Blended Learning

Not a site on the network itself, but a very large part of what I do every day. The Blended Learning Team are forward thinking team providing 21st Century solutions and support to the Health Academy at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals and beyond, to take learning beyond the traditional classroom approach.

The Noodle & Bean

Originally conceived in 2012 as 'Baked Beans & Ketchup', this site returns as a blog filled with tips for students starting or at Uni, written by an alumnus that lived through it.

The Sunday Roast

My 'personal' blog of weekly musings and ramblings.

Latest Announcements

Blogtober 2019

So, I took a bit of time off. I had a lot of projects on this year which became significantly more than initially planned, so my bad for the radio silence. But it’s October again, which can only mean one thing… #Blogtober has returned! This time, I’m doing things a little differently and with...

Blogtober 2018 Schedule

Sorry it’s a bit late! Kind of just jumped into it this year and with the terrible events that kicked off the month it just got delayed further, but after a little compilation, here is the schedule for Blogtober this year:   They’ll also be work occurring behind the scenes and a few surprises...

New Year, New Stuff!

Happy New Year! So it’s now January again and time to start making and keeping those New Year’s resolutions. Being someone that fails a lot, but doesn’t particularly like failing (since I do take challenges and stuff far too seriously), I want to set some realistic goals for myself and with that, make some...

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