Okay, so this is a pretty meta post and it’s no secret this blog and it’s sister sites run on WordPress (This isn’t sponsored by the way). Originating as a fork of b2/cafelog and a distant cousin to b2evolution, WordPress has grown to become one of if not possibly theRead More →

The next hero in the crew I wish to introduce, is the writer. Their role involves taking the brief and works with the client to produce the ‘script’ of your project. What this entity is will depend on the project itself. In video production or publishing, the writer plays the role inRead More →

Links to all mentioned software in the ‘Software Mentioned’ section to the right. Do you enjoy the incredibly magical creatures, sparks and journeys in Harry Potter? Gasp in awe at the crazy battles in Game of Thrones or dream of the wild wonders of the many times and realities inRead More →

A montage of my past work and projects. Own work

So I realise I’ve not written much of an audio production blog since January 2013 on my  twice over former mike james porter site (and that post wasn’t really much in comparison to the previous updates in October/November 2012) and to be honest, with the exception of fumbling around withRead More →