So, for the last two weeks my work life has been pretty hectic in the run up to our annual directorate awards, the contents of which are described in the Friday Mike Project blog published earlier on and will be continued on Wednesday.

After working on each day, I left work still feeling buzzed and ready to continue on (mainly to try and finish the vast workload of the awards, partly slowed with the responsibilities of the rest of my role as well as hoping to try and catch up with the tasks falling behind (2 of which will have to be completed tomorrow or Tuesday). Following the advice of my line manager however I tried to disengage, which was wise as in doing so I realised how tired I felt after a hard day’s work.

This weekend I also tried to take time for myself post awards (which is partly why this post is late as was the FMP one due yesterday) as physically and mentally I crashed around 2am yesterday morning after being on the go for 20 hours and busy all week.

Whilst I really enjoy the events we put on each year, I’ve learned over time how it’s important to take time to take a break. Even if it’s just for a few minutes to a few days depending on how long you’ve been going for it. If you don’t, eventually your body will do it for you (eg: You crash or brownout/burnout) and will remain ‘offline’ until you’re in a position to go for it again.

With good health and well-being you may over time be able to increase your limit, but it’s important to learn where your limit is and despite the warning to not overdo it, I think it’s important for you to do it once in your life (which you inevitably will when you discover said limit) so you learn from it. I wouldn’t recommend doing it deliberately due to what will be an unexpected consequence, but to know when it happens and to look after yourself so you know how to prevent it in the future.

I know it sounds clich̩, but my advice this week is the same thing my parents tell me on an annoyingly regular basis Рtake care of yourself (because then, your body will take care of you).

Have a good week everyone,