Ten Things People Do That Drive Technicians (more) Insane

So, when I was looking at what to share with you throughout this posting each and every day and hopefully for as long as I can in the future, I considered making a few posts based on my experience as an audio technician, general computer geek & internet (big) kid and now an AV and Ed Tech developer/maintainer/customer support guy. Without turning into too much of a list blog (I realise a lot of my headed posts can come across as that, but it’s not intentional!) I hoped I could create a few interesting graphics and posts with a serious message and a little light-hearted humour showing my take on other people’s take on roles and experiences within the WAVE world.

So as a first, coming from a two week project using the amazing and free Canva platform on the Friday Mike Project blog, here’s the first one based around the things people do and say that can often drive some technicians and developers through the roof. It’s definitely by no means an extensive list and certainly has no intentions to offend, so please have a look and a laugh at ourselves because let’s be honest, we’ve all been the people mentioned in it at some point or another! If you have any suggestions, I’d love to put together a communally submitted version from like minded individuals in the future. If you have suggestions for other topics, I’d love to hear them too as I really enjoyed making this one and hope to continue doing it in the future.

Click the link below to download your free copy and I’ll put a permanent link in the menu section above.

Click here to Download Ten Things that Drive Technicians (more) Insane

Hope you’re having a great Saturday.




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