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Hey guys,

So as you know the blog went quiet for a bit whilst other things in my life took over my time and energy – time that would otherwise be used writing for this site and sister sites which often resulted in me starting to rush content that was often quite niche. After taking some time to think and given this period of madness should have passed by now, I’m back and ready to focus, complete with some new ideas to educate, entice and engage.Whilst I don’t want to give away too much, here’s an idea of what’s to come and what is coming back:

  • Have You Met…? returns on a regular basis introducing you to the little gems hidden out there on the web, for web, audio, video, animation, visuals, entertainment, education, electronics or anything useful really in the technology realm.
  • Sound – Check begins soon with a realistic look into topics surrounding modern day issues in our information age – pondering the panic and contemplating the conundrums to find out – is it really that bad? Or perhaps there’s something we’re all missing.
  • Worth It? returns too in both long and shot forms, leading this suit from the product point of view – giving an honest review over nominated products on a given topic each series and answering the age old question – “Is it worth it?”.
  • Focus takes on what I’ve already done with generic technology articles and also gives me and excuse to run a themed series on occasion too!
  • nHarmonic is a new take on an old idea, looking at the origins of elements of songs. In this day and age, many songs are known for borrowing or sometimes carbon copying elements and making them into their own works. From loops to lyrics and samples to standpoints, each article will go back from the new right back to the root in whatever the nth step will be!
  • ACTUAL Reviews!?! – Okay so this one is only a possibility right now since I can only give honest reviews on equipment I own, work with or have used in the past. But if anyone out there fancies sending me free stuff in return for an honest review and constructive criticism, I definitely won’t say no!

Starting next week – same frequency, amped up to a new level!



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