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Have you met…Wifi Overview 360?

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So a bit of a change of pace here looking into apps. As the title suggests this app by KAITBITS Software,  which is sadly only for Android, has the ability to scan yours and nearby WiFi networks and tell you useful little facts about them.

The basic app is free to download with a few extra and more powerful existing features as well as removal of advertising for £2.49.

On launching the app you’ll have access to a scanner of your nearby networks with information on the signal strength and the wireless channel it’s broadcasting on. If you’re out and about you can connect to any of these networks with a simple tap (and a password if necessary) without having to leave the app.

There’s also further information that can be drilled into on the network you’re connected to with the tap of one of the tabs along the top (the tablet version lays it a little differently in landscape mode due to the increased screen space.

Other features include the very useful channel map that puts into graphical perspective what nearby signals may be crossing over yours and if there’s another channel in the spectrum you could set yours to.  This is a hugely useful tool if you get spotty connection in your house or appear to get randomly kicked off your own router.

To complement this there’s also a second graphical interface that shows you the channels your router can broadcast on (depending on if you’re using the  2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency bands –  these can be changed in your router’s settings if it supports both) and which one is strongest for you.


Interested? Feel free to give it a try and if you like it, why not give the developer a little tip in return for his work. After all, what do you have to lose? (Other than your connection 😉 )


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