Modern music sells. But is it all as original as we think? Thanks to techniques such as sampling and remixing as well as quotes embedded within lyrics and deals between labels and friends in the industry, many pop culture references and previous songs often last beyond their original recordings. InRead More →

Music can speak to us in amazing ways, sometimes highlighting stories of themselves and often creating or orchestrating stories of our own lives. But some artists take it a step further and plan an underlying storyline amongst their songs and their music videos. These aren’t always apparent until a coupleRead More →

Audiotool in Action. Screenshot

In a world where you can become famous instantly thanks to the modern age having more sharing options than ever, starting your music career couldn’t be a more fun time…until you realise how expensive it can be. From sample packs to instruments to licenses (if you’re planning on selling covers) toRead More →

As Christmas draws ever closer, many places of work and education are beginning their festivities and many of these include little award ceremonies. Our Workforce and Education directorate at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals is no different with our own spur of awards from our more ‘Official’ one done each spring, andRead More →

A montage of my past work and projects. Own work

So I realise I’ve not written much of an audio production blog since January 2013 on my  twice over former mike james porter site (and that post wasn’t really much in comparison to the previous updates in October/November 2012) and to be honest, with the exception of fumbling around withRead More →