Music can speak to us in amazing ways, sometimes highlighting stories of themselves and often creating or orchestrating stories of our own lives. But some artists take it a step further and plan an underlying storyline amongst their songs and their music videos. These aren’t always apparent until a coupleRead More →

As Christmas draws ever closer, many places of work and education are beginning their festivities and many of these include little award ceremonies. Our Workforce and Education directorate at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals is no different with our own spur of awards from our more ‘Official’ one done each spring, andRead More →

Links to all mentioned software in the ‘Software Mentioned’ section to the right. Do you enjoy the incredibly magical creatures, sparks and journeys in Harry Potter? Gasp in awe at the crazy battles in Game of Thrones or dream of the wild wonders of the many times and realities inRead More →

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Introduction :: Multi-remotes :: Home/IoT Solutions :: Advanced & Programmed A – B So the first solution I want to talk about is multi-remotes. These devices are quite simply either remotes that come with a device that offers functionality for other devices (e.g: A TV remote that can operate a DVD/Blu-Ray player,Read More →