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So I realise I’ve not written much of an audio production blog since January 2013 on my  twice over former mike james porter site (and that post wasn’t really much in comparison to the previous updates in October/November 2012) and to be honest, with the exception of fumbling around withRead More →

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Links to all mentioned software in the ‘Software Mentioned’ section to the right. When it comes to 21st Century teaching, there are an unbelievable wealth of tools out there. But what if you want to be part of the BYOD generation? What if you want to see individual student’s answersRead More →

Today’s post is written as part of an assignment for Blended Learning: Personalizing Education for Students on Coursera a course I would very highly recommend if you’re looking into how to transform your class beyond the traditional teaching models and introduce 21st century technology and ideas into your pedagogy. ThisRead More →

In response to a few questions I’ve received over time and after seeing projects announced and either struggled trough or completely fail I thought I would help shed some light on how many of the creative producers out there do it. The idea behind this sprang from an upcoming blogRead More →

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Introduction :: Multi-remotes :: Home/IoT Solutions :: Advanced & Programmed A – B So the first solution I want to talk about is multi-remotes. These devices are quite simply either remotes that come with a device that offers functionality for other devices (e.g: A TV remote that can operate a DVD/Blu-Ray player,Read More →

Update: Software Downloads can now be accessed under the ‘Software Mentioned’ Tab to the right. If you want to build a website, there are so many tools out there today it can be quite overwhelming to know where to begin. If you know you wish to build one from scratchRead More →

Qwizdom Q4 Remote in Use. Still Copyright 2016 Lancashire Teaching Hospitals. Used under fair use for illustrative purposes.

Depending on where you are in the world, how this article will apply will vary. Some of you may already be doing this in your schools, colleges, universities and other institutions of learning. Some of you may not have a classroom at all and therefore rely on this technology toRead More →