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About Me

Hi I’m Mike (sometimes stylised as the more friendly ‘mike’).

I’m a graduate of Creative Music Technology from the University of Hull and currently work full time as an Senior AV & Educational Technology and Support Officer at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in the UK.

I am also a qualified Extron Control Professional, participating member of the Virtual World Society, Association for Learning Technology and Immersive Learning Research Network’s Champions of Higher Education in XR (iLRN CHEX)

This site serves as my living portfolio of personal and collaborative projects past and present for both for the role above and outside of my employed work.

As my interests and content I want to share with you all are so wide, I’ve built this network of blogs and sites to split everything up and make it easier to comprehend, as well as directing those with specific interests to their respective content, rather than confusing them with other topics that might not interest them so much.

You’ll find links to all of these sites on the homepage, which will regularly change to fit new content in, and I hope in the future will also display the work of other partners I work with as well.

Feel free to have a look around and leave any feedback you might have. If you’ve got a more direct question or wish to get in touch, please fill in the contact page and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I hope you enjoy the sites and find the experience enjoyable and informative.


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