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As part of the relaunch of my site, I spent a year trialling a number of blogs focusing on different topics I felt I could impart knowledge and experience on. These blogs are currently on hiatus but may start up again in the near future as part of the WAVE Media Network. For now, the current archives can be accessed below:

WAVE Media Network

WAVE Media began as a blog focusing on topics surrounding Web, Audio, Visual and Educational technologies (and many things in between) – looking at comparisons, tips, reviews and looking back at past projects.

The Noodle & Bean was named as a parody of English pub names using the common foods of the students that frequent them and began a college/university themed blog providing advice, ideas and inspiration for the short time for those starting out in adult life by getting a degree.

The Sunday Roast was a personal musings blog, named so as it was often written when out on a walk or at a pub, friends/family gathering or at home over a Sunday dinner (usually a roast of some kind as is traditional in British Culture).

The Friday Mike Project (a name based on many different shows depicting days of the week) was an experimental blog that was composed either live or written up surrounding different projects I was working on or experiencing, documenting the pitfalls and successes as I went along the way.

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