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Affiliates & Software Disclaimer

On some of the blogging posts (particularly on theĀ  WAVE Media and Noodle & Bean sites), I will often mention various places or pieces of software, some of which are referred to through affiliate links. These links will allow you to access the respective product or promotion pages of the vendors of this software with no obligation. Should you choose to and successfully buy a product or follow a promotion through these particular links I may receive a small commission through their partners.

Please note though that these posts aren’t sponsored by the vendors. I don’t specifically write these posts to promote a particular product like an advert. I write my posts for my enjoyment and to share what I know with the world. I also have nothing against sponsorship itself, but prefer not use it on my blogs and sites as I world prefer to promote these wares through choice and my own opinions on the topics mentioned within the posts.

Unfortunately to run an installation like this without banner ads, decent bandwidth, memory and space and the power to upload not only files, but installed applications (such as Ruby or Python) and have it all backed up every day, doesn’t come cheap. To keep my domains and hosting I have to pay a fair amount every 6 months to keep a hobby and service online. Therefore since I’m grateful that you’ve come and read my ramblings and recommendations I don’t want to force a product on you, more it would be awesome if you chose the products I mentioned.

So with that said, the products that are referred in each post are at my own discretion, with affiliate links being clearly mentioned (please refer to each site for the specificity of how these are displayed).


The views expressed in these posts are my own honest opinion and not necessarily of the vendors portrayed (e.g: If I say a feature is great, it’s because I think its great. If I say something is a pain to work with, that comes from my own experience and likely frustration).

All links are for research and referential value and any purchases and agreements to terms of service remain entirely with yourself and the vendor and I hold no responsibility for activity taken place on sites away from

If you have any questions, please contact me via the contact page and I will do my best to clear up any concerns you may have.


Thank You.

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