Hey there. So unlike some of the other blogs I run, this site is a bit more personal. Despite the term being used differently in today’s internet culture, this blog isn’t focused on comedically making fun of people and things (well, not totally) so if you’re looking for something out of Comedy Central, sorry to disappoint you.

I’ve started this blog as a focus on my weekly musings living in the north west of England in the UK as a semi-recent graduate. It serves partly as a personal journal of my thoughts, opinions and what I’ve done as I get used to adult life. Don’t get me wrong, without my truly wonderful family and amazing colleagues at Preston and Chorley hospitals I wouldn’t have a chance of being where I am now, but now I’m solely in charge of life in the ‘real world’ it’s an interesting challenge taking on this grown up stuff. It’s also a chance for those outside of the UK top get an insight on everday life here for us youngsters.

Whilst I’ll try not to reveal too much personal information of other people (since they have a right not to have their life broadcast online unless they say so), feel free to ask questions or comment if you’re so inclined, otherwise I hope you enjoy these little Sunday posts.