It’s been a While

Hi guys,

Sorry it’s been silent over the last couple of weeks. It’s been busy. As many of you know I write these posts and the posts on sister blogs as a hobby 8n my free time – something that’s getting shorter on the regular with work commitments on the rise.

Work at the hospitals ┬áhas been in overdrive recently with a huge refurbishment project ‘starting’ tomorrow (that they decided to ┬ástarted early last week) meaning clearing of storage and electronics took up time, office work time was condensed so that’s more intense, we have new people starting so there’s a lot of logistics invovled there and by the time I get home and need to debate with the landlord for all these projects he suddenly wants to do, or dealt with the latest issue, done food and cleaning/laundry, I’m beat, demotivated and saldy have no capability to write quality content (well, quality by my standards!)

Thankfully things seem to be on the way back to normal schedule and with a week of thinking, I’ve got a slightly easier way to get content out to the few that read it to ensure I don’t let you guys down again.

I can only apologise for the radio silence and hope to bring back normal service soon!

Hope you all have a wonderful week all the same though.



It’s months like these that prove I can’t plan out thoughts for this blog really (considering I’m rewriting the draft of last night following the London Attacks and now again tonight, whilst listening to One Love Manchester on livestream in Manchester).

It seems like a week doesn’t go by now when evil makes a noticable presence in the world. Bombs, cyber attacks, stabbings and rouge driving – all in the names of various causes. It really is disgusting. As I mentioned in a tweet earlier:

It really feels gloomy and makes you wonder what’s coming next. But I know we must stand strong. We should stand with Manchester, with London and with everyone facing terror in the world right now. As I’m sure many have said throughout the last few weeks, we can’t give in and live in fear – that’s what the twisted evil people that believe this is how to behave want and standing together we should fight for what we live for and what we believe by standing together and carrying on.

The resiliance and response seen in the last few weeks in both cities and the outpouring of support from people all over the globe has been astounding and restored my faith in humanity with the blaring message that regardless of race, religion, gender and political standing, we can stand together and share one love for each other. We might not agree on everything, but many of us believe in having that option to coexist so we can speak these opinions, have the debates and negociate democratically together. These are the people I will always respect, regardless of if I agree with you or not.

Whether you’re a believer or not, an important passage was mentioned in the Life.Church message series, and I think it’s important to know more than ever this week –

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 NKJV

For all those that have donated, had a moment of silence, offered and served help or given a message or tribute to those affected and their relatives and friends, thank you for having a heart in humanity.

To Ariana and her team, you have my full respect and admiration for pulling One Love together and from what I managed to see online, a fantastic show.


For those wanting to donate, the Red Cross have an emergency Fund for Manchester and I’m sure there may be something similar set up for those in London too. You can donate to the Manchester fund from here.


Take care everyone this week, stay safe. I stand with you Manchester & London and One Love to you all.