It’s been a While

Hi guys,

Sorry it’s been silent over the last couple of weeks. It’s been busy. As many of you know I write these posts and the posts on sister blogs as a hobby 8n my free time – something that’s getting shorter on the regular with work commitments on the rise.

Work at the hospitals ┬áhas been in overdrive recently with a huge refurbishment project ‘starting’ tomorrow (that they decided to ┬ástarted early last week) meaning clearing of storage and electronics took up time, office work time was condensed so that’s more intense, we have new people starting so there’s a lot of logistics invovled there and by the time I get home and need to debate with the landlord for all these projects he suddenly wants to do, or dealt with the latest issue, done food and cleaning/laundry, I’m beat, demotivated and saldy have no capability to write quality content (well, quality by my standards!)

Thankfully things seem to be on the way back to normal schedule and with a week of thinking, I’ve got a slightly easier way to get content out to the few that read it to ensure I don’t let you guys down again.

I can only apologise for the radio silence and hope to bring back normal service soon!

Hope you all have a wonderful week all the same though.


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