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Return to the Internet

Hello Internet, it’s been a while!

After seeking pastures new following on from University (Which sadly didn’t quite work out as planned), I took a break to take stock of my life and (with the Disbanding of the Porto Flynn Network) have returned with a new look and feel.

WAVE Media is a new venture into taking a magazine style approach to my projects and writing articles on topics in the Web, Audio, Visual (including AV and Multimedia), Electronics and Education fields, mostly crossing over the subject areas. This is backed up from the research and work I now do at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in the award winning Blended Learning Team there.

When building these new sites, I like to start during times of change, and this site is no different. The occasion of launching this site rests on a big time for myself and my colleagues. Many of the students I once wardened at the time I first launched a larger installation of WordPress in 2012 have finished graduating this year, which coincidentally marks the 5 year anniversary since myself and many of my friends graduated and indeed 10 years since some of our mentors did. I’ve even had a few friends getting married too. So this felt like the right time to launch into a new venture just as many other people move onto bigger and better things, be it a new life, a new career or in this case a new venture.

As the site initially starts, I’ll try posting articles regularly with no specific schedule announced. If the site generates enough interest, I may start posting a few times a week as best as I can. If you ever have any questions you want answering or suggestions to post, please feel free to get in touch and I’ll do my best to make something interesting out of it.

Thanks for taking the time to read through and I hope to see many more of you in the future.

Take care



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