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So, it’s been a while since I published a Worth It? post and I feel it’s time to bring it back for a new series of products. Following how the last one panned out, I’m looking to make it a bit more approachable and clear. So the next two I’mRead More →

Hey guys, So as you know the blog went quiet for a bit whilst other things in my life took over my time and energy – time that would otherwise be used writing for this site and sister sites which often resulted in me starting to rush content that wasRead More →

'the world wide web' Photo by 'frankieleon' on Flickr. Used under CC BY 2.0

Hello Internet, it’s been a while! After seeking pastures new following on from University (Which sadly didn’t quite work out as planned), I took a break to take stock of my life and (with the Disbanding of the Porto Flynn Network) have returned with a new look and feel. WAVERead More →