You’ve gotta admit, the 90s was a pretty interesting and exciting decade. A time of transition and comparison of formats. Then as the millennium kicked in things began to change rapidly as technology rolled into a new era and took over a lives a little more. But as everything getsRead More →

Female Symbol by Piotr. Used under Public Domain

As you may or may not have noticed, today is International Women’s Day, a chance to celebrate the female portion of our world’s population, inside or out that have helped to make a difference and will continue to do so. As an individual who believes in encouraging the world to becomeRead More →

Teamwork in Action. Own Work

Let’s face it, computers and devices are pretty ubiquitous in our everyday meetings and teaching sessions these days. From interactive whiteboards to spreadsheets, flashy presentations and instantly shareable minutes most people would feel technology enhances meetings. But in what way is the tech you provide really enhancing your meetings? InRead More →

The days many people have been hoping for since the 80s seem to finally be arriving. Holograms aren’t just fantasy anymore, after a rocky start and…erm…rocky middle virtual reality seems to have bounced back into the mainstream, PDAs have evolved from a small wallet sized block or a super complexRead More →