The Studio Space Begins!

This fortnight’s  post comes from my new desk in my half-built workspace. Yes, during my time off I decided to move onto the next phase of turning the Wardrobe desk into an actual project space complete with a bit more acoustic control and room to work in.

The Wardrobe Desk. Orginial Work

Now being a project blog I didn’t totally cop out and buy a complete desk! Trying to go for matching-ish colours, I went down the custom route with IKEA (who aren’t doing a brand deal here by the way, not that I wouldn’t say no!) choosing their LINNMON desktop in black and a pair of LERBERG Legs. I was going to choose the ODDVALD legs, but owing to transporting these across a tram and train each before heading home I needed a light approach which may also benefit in the future should I choose to move elsewhere.

After a few hours of assembly (with a slight bit of confusion with one of the leg parts not appearing right at first). I began the migration of my modular wardrobe and small space for the Bedroom TV to make space for the new area, followed by dismantling of the wardobe desk ready for it to take on its new role.

The finished area now combines the TV screen I won at the Pure AV Laser Showcase with my exisiting Samsung 22″ Monitor brought from home and room for my laptop to allow for multiple sources of content to be seen at once:

  • Xbox and Laptop Dual Screened
  • Xbox, Raspi and Laptop
  • ARGO NES Clone, Raspi and Laptop
  • ARGO and Laptop Dual Screened

The hope in time is to expand the inputs and allow for AV switching should it be needed in the future for productivity.

On the hardware side, the original doors will now become a higned framework to allow for acoustic tiles to be added on which means attaching less to the walls. Again, for portability as well as a smoother surface for the tac to ahere to.

In the second phase as outboard gear may be aquired and for cable management, I’ll also be purchasing a second LACK end table to connect to the existing one for the lounge and begin following in the footsteps of many happy LACK-rackers.

But for now, apart from a small issue with the Raspi (due to power surges from another refurbishment project my landlord has decided to start doing over the next few weeks) – which is also the delay for this post – this is how it looks so far:

I’ll keep you posted as things progress, particuarly with a couple of projects possibly on hold for now.


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