Go (Con)figure

So, I had a minor malfunction with my laptop a couple of weeks ago which temporarily hampered my work on learning the Python code that will eventually run the hardware version of the new Traffic Light system. I also ran out of budget which hampered the progress of any hardware projects at all. Thankfully I managed to recover my excercise files for my current course Learn Python the Hard Way from the genius that is Zed A. Shaw (not sponsored, just appreciate his work), so I still have stuff to refer back to on my new Peppermint OS installation (a change of scenery from Linux Mint. Nothing personal, just something different!)

In the meantime on what machinery I still have available, I’ve been working on the web browser based version. The coding itself is yet to be started, but will be available in the next update as I’ve been focusing on the current “Portal” page that will allow end users to access it at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals where it will be integrated as part of a new suite of learning tools I’m developing to complement our exisitng hardware tools, third party tools and our new restructured and rebranded service both online and off. Unlike the hardware version, the engine that will run the early version of this at least will be Javascript based to allow it to be light, fast and, most importantly, compatible across all of our machines within the Trust so it can be used in any training room that possesses a PC. With any luck by the time it’s finished I might have a local server to put it on…

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