Living Room Reburb. Own Work

Project Delays

Sorry this is late!

So there’s no real update this week due to delays. Both due to other commitments in my day job (which affects any research into the hardware TLS) and the bits of it that creep into my social time (which is also usually shared with writing these blogs) as well as environmental factors such as the rather sudden and unexpected beginning to refurbishment in my flat – which in turn has hit a small delay, which has affected any possible building tasks due to the area for that work now being a temporary holding space for my living room hardware

Funding due to everyday maintenance and towards other thing has also meant that money couldn’t go into these projects which has also caused a delay in the building of projects too.

I hope in time for the next post things will be moving forward and this will reverse the domino effect that has occurred so these projects may come to some fruition beyond writing about them conceptually.

Sorry about all this and fingers crossed for the next fortnight!


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