Future Project: Online Learning Tools

So, I know I’m only on the beginnings of Project #1 and yet here I am potentially announcing project number 3. Following the change of a few changes in my day job, I’m looking at what started off as an online portal and may be growing into a wider portfolio of cloud-based mini projects to go on a large portal. These mini-projects focus on light to medium weight learning tools, one of which is linked to the Traffic Light System rebuild project.

Where is this coming from do you ask? Well, I’ve been having some thoughts for a while on the current tools we offer within our team in terms of classroom based technology besides our wide array of projection/television based systems for pure content sharing. We do have a number of hardware based tools from our current Traffic Light System to our Audience response system as well as our current found software sources. But following feedback and hopes from course organisers and clinical educators as well as possible (for sake of a much better term) ‘shortfalls’, there was the hope of a suite of simple tools available for people to access quickly and easily to resources to help enhance their teaching.

Looking at the smooth style and simplicity of many of Google’s Doodle games (and indeed the entire interactive Christmas village they built!) as well as fun games such as Buzz for PlayStation, WiiSports and indeed existing learning tools such as Kahoot! The vision was a suite of easy to access tools that served simple purposes and didn’t require huge amounts of documentation to use.

Whether these tools will actually be used within the workplace or not still remains to be seen as will the final server that will run them depending on where it will be hosted and for whom (Windows or Linux and PHP, Ruby, Python or a combination of them). More to be announced soon as the project grows legs and has gone through a mind map and potential site mapping so I know what I’m doing.

Sorry it’s a short update this fortnight, but I thought you should know. I’ll be back in touch next time with news on the TLS renditions and Python Learning


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