A Single Step

We’re all on a journey somewhere in our lives. We all have hopes, dream, aspirations. But getting out there and achieving them? That often seems to be for a select few. They call them the inspired and the motivated.

Now I’ll be the first to raise my hand and say I struggle with motivation sometimes (considering writing a 2,500 word essay with references was a common challenge at uni, you can imagine having the drive to do 2k a week for you guys doesn’t always come on tap).

If you feel the same and you need a boost, a video I watched 4 years ago to the day (according to the Facebook Application) was this wonderful video by code.org encouraging people to learn to code:


Or, if you’re more of a sports fan, how about something along the lines of BBC Get Inspired? And I shouldn’t need to mention a certain bearded man with a motivation speech that I’m surprised that Nike haven’t sued him for yet…

Whatever your passion, there’s always someone or something out there to get your head out of the sand and your backside off that lazy chair!

Usually the biggest problem is wondering “what if?” or questioning the value of it. That’s okay, if it’s a mere doubt, don’t let it sit and fester (as that only drives you further into doubt), address it and talk through it with your friends. Often hearing their answers can inspire you to get back on your feet. If your doubts are too many to mention or you can’t see the way out, ask yourself – “is this what I want to do?”. If you can’t say yes, use that to ironically drive yourself away from it and go and do something new you feel passionate about.

Whilst it’s quite the clich√©, it is true that they say we’re “not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time”, and this applies to your work and your hobbies too. If there’s an opportunity out there to do what you enjoy, why not do it? Just a thought…

If there’s not, is there perhaps a way you could influence these opportunities (a change of scenery or lifestyle or social circles?)

The journey to next Sunday may feel a thousand miles away, but as the old Chinese proverb still states, we’ll only get there if we’re willing to start with a single step.

Happy Sunday guys, go get em!


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