Every Second Counts

Time. A measurement we use everyday. Always going forward consistently, yet it can feel like it changes pace constantly. To make it more interesting, you never know how much time you get in total, nor what might add to or subtract that in the course of it running. So the challenge is with the time you currently have – what do you do with it?

Do you try to race it in the hope you’ll beat it? Do you let it pass by, knowing that it can’t run outĀ  (not in your lifetime at least)?

When you’re faced with a deadline of sorts, every second counts. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a scary affair, you just have to focus on what you need to do – prioritise what’s most important first and if possible after that, move theĀ  hardest stuff to the end so you have more time to concentrate on an action plan whilst you rocket through the easy stuff. Once you get that under control, you’ll feel things ease off, but don’t rest there as time keeps going, never slowing and before you know it, you’ll be behind it. So plough on and instead put it before you.

Trying to get your head around all this, check out an old favourite of mine by Marko Slavnic, if you have time:

Happy 86,400 everyone.


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