Head Desk 

That’s not much to say this week since Technology seems to have formed an alliance of gathered again me,  from my desktop environment flipping or and wiping the equivalent of a start menu on me,  to trying to reinstall and the getting corrupted,  to the new OS installing but won’t boot,  to the boot repair fixing the startup but again corrupting an important role that caused the new OS not to boot and also how ignore the USB drive I need to ‘rescue’  the system and the raspberry pi u have upstairs for backup refusing to install extra software that might help make aforementioned USB force the laptop to boot it  on account of an ‘unknown error’.

So this week I’m writing this on the WordPress app (which only just runs ad my running low on memory due to LG and Android’s bloat ware hogging about 65% of capacity after updates).

That’s probably the most extreme thing that’s happened,  but it’s situations like this  you just want a hand grenade to throw  arms walk away slowly with a fresh start. 
Who knows, the week might pick up if I commit enough good in the world. Maybe. 

Happy Sunday. 


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