In most working lives you’re expected to take a bit of time off for yourself and on my week this time I thought I would pay a visit to Nottingham to see my dad and his partner as well as a few childhood friends.

After living away for each period of time it’s often nice to go back to your roots and in my case (granted at least one thing always changes) it feels like you can get back to lose line you never left.

Trying to continue your current life with your old one however doesn’t always work out.  For instance,  when i came home from undergraduate university life,  it was often tricky getting back into living under a parental roof,  not being steps away from the nightlife and feeling a little less independent.  In this its year’s case,  it was tricky trying to keep pace with posting and catching up with friends (and also finding that signal wasn’t as readily available for Friday’s failed live blog).

In this case I’ve learned the value of planning further ahead and taking protected time to prepare in the case type not going to be there (though I’ve spent that previous week playing catchup elsewhere).

You can can then use your time when you are off to actually be, well, off. Time to relax (or if you’re like me and usually need something to do: reassign),  reset and perpare return feeling renewed. This is the stage in at now ready to return to work,  but always with home in mind,  working and achieving to a point when a break is needed and the cycle begins again.

Relax/Reassign, Reset,  Return,  Renewed,  Repeat. If you’re a working machine, try it out. You might just surprise yourself.


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