No Words

I didn’t get around to posting yesterday. I’m glad I didn’t, because my original message seems irrelevant now and my thoughts at the start of this week are short but sweet.

On the shuttle bus to work this morning I heard the news. Roughly 22 dead, some of them children.

I must ask to anyone out there that thinks this is OK. What is wrong with you? Is it a mental disability, a misunderstanding on what Islam is about? Do you get thoughts in your head urging you to kill people? If you can answer yes to all or just questions 2 or 3, then get help for your mental health!

By blowing people up you’re not a Muslim savior, you’re not a hero. You’re just a killer.

I stand with you Manchester and my thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected. If you’re missing or unsure of a loved one, contact them now to make sure they are safe or call one of the numbers published across news and social media and on the Greater Manchester police site.

Living in fear will only let the terrorists win, so let’s all try to stay strong, keep calm and carry on.


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