Spin Cycle

It’s been quite the week. On Monday I attended the funeral of my late almost step-grandad (not legally, but the family is close enough to be family), on Wednesday I went had a crazy day at work and learned a few lessons, On Thursday/Friday I threw caution to the wind and began stage 2 of my home workspace and Thursday/today thanks to having a little sun I managed to process more laundry in 2 days than I can usually get done in 2 weeks over the cold winter period in a Victorian building.

Through all this I’ve learned an important lesson and see in it action. At the funeral we were reminded of how Angelo was a hard working man, that started here with very little and worked hard to achieved what he had and from all our knowledge, he was about the family and was always caring to everyone that he got to know. Whilst this isn’t a ‘life changing’ message to me it has encouraged me to try and take more control of what’s happening around me. Take up the leadership side to my new role rather than waiting on the thumbs up to do something, to go ahead as soon as it’s possible rather than thinkning “meh, I’ll wait until I can afford the lot” and being brave and stepping out when opportunities arise for you to do so.

Ironically, due to the weight of the week and all that’s happened, I sadly failed you in delivering a post on Wednesday. The post from Tuesday was mostly prewritten so I was able to have that out just in time, but Wednesday sadly wasn’t. Rest assured you’ll have one this week and business should be as usual with hopefully a couple more exciting things along the way!

It’s an age old lesson but it’s surprising how well it hits you when you realise the world around you is always changing. We don’t always notice it day to day as the world spins at over a thousand of miles an hour (1,040pmh/1675 km/h to be exact), but when life goes into a spin cycle you need to put your best foot forward and make your choice before it gets too late and the world has moved on without you.

As I wrote in lyrics of “The Middle of the Day” (yes, it’s a demo recorded for a uni assignment!), when you come to a crossroads, whilst everything is a choice it’s often wise to pick a direction rather than pacing around and letting the day pass you by. So grab your guide (if you need one) and get walking down your path this week or be brave and seek into uncharted. You never know what’s around the corner until you take your first step and after time, you should be able to look back and see just how much you’ve acheived along the way and potentially paved the way for future people hoping to travel down the same route.

Happy Sunday