Complications & Interruptions

That’s apparently what life is filled with according to Christmas film Love Actually, and they’re not kidding.

Sometimes you’ll have a great week, sometimes things get in the way. When the plan changes at the last minute, what do you do? And what do you do if this keeps reoccurring? 

These are questions I’ve asked myself several times over the last few months when I’ve had a short list of things to do on Monday morning and left on a Friday afternoon lucky to have maybe started one and done several things that weren’t on the list in the first place (or indeed my job to do sometimes).

I can only apologise for a lack of blog posts this week too due to connectivity issues and no other time than the evening to do the work.

The lessons I’ve learned as a take away from this is to always have a backup plan, to follow the 3 Ps I talked about last week like a life mantra and to accept that sometimes you may well have your route planned, but roads close and queues happen, it’s where you plan to go next that you should just keep your focus on and before you know it you can divert yourself back to where you need to be, just like the blogs will be next week.