Our Mum

Happy Sunday to mother’s everywhere today. To celebrate (in a probably than likely artistically cheesy way), here’s some rhyme to give out my message this year to all the mums around the world:

Those that carried us from the start and carried on since then.

Those that fed us and kept us clean, changed, rearranged and many things unseen.

Those that paid out and others made to ensure we had what we needed over the decades.

Those that helped us walk, speak and play both physically and socially for the everday.

Those that bailed us out or listened to what we had to say.

Those that looked after our friends in sometimes when told “Muuum, go away”, but carried on all the same and let us have our way.

Those that may sometimes boss us around and tell us about our wrongs and how to come around.

Those who helped to pave our way and those who support us even when things fray.

And for those that maybe don’t get to say this to your mums all of the time, use today to celebrate be it in gifts or actions or rhyme.

Because whether she’s in the next room or looking down from ‘out there’, no matter your age, your place, your time, your mother will love you and always be there.

Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day wherever you and you children may be and remember that one wouldn’t be without your other.