5 Years From Now

That’s a popular question for some. Mostly it’s in interviews asked in the hope you have ambitions for the future. But when you get to that stage, it’s worth stopping to reflect on what you said and if you managed to achieve any of it, or perhaps changed direction.

I’ll admit every year seems to be a different adventure for me.

Looking back at both my social media history (except for the lost stories of Bebo) and indeed old memories, I’ve at least managed to trace back to this day up to 7 years ago, but for the sake of the title, I’ll stick to only mentioning the 5 🙂

In 2011, I was in my first year of my MRes in Scarborough (Hull University) with the prospects that it might help me with a career in the music production industry and making my way into younger adult life with my coursemates that I’d gotten to know a couple of years prior and started my second attempt at running a WordPress site.

In 2012 I was still working on the MRes and just getting into the everyday swing and regular tasks of being a residential warden for my fresher family in Scarborough at the almighty Crawford House and trying to sort out the imfamous boiler system that was attached to it, during this year was when I first experimented with running multiple blogs and also did some work with the healthcare organisaation Nuexcom. In 2013, now redrafting my MRes with another approach, I had moved to Attenborough House (still in Scarborough) whilst trying to make things work with my former partner, part way through this year I restructured all of my sites into ‘The Porto Flynn Network’ and added extra blogs for Katherine’s photography portfolio and our adventures together in helping her complete the football touring challenge known as ‘The 92’. In 2014 I was in Bolton living with said partner and had just completed my first month at Lancashire Teaching hospitals, a bit of an interesting start to my career and now paying off expenses in anticipation of my MRes being marked. Last year I had got my MRes back and was redoing it again after many corrections to the writeup and things had unfortunately changed in my partner moving out and into her new house and I…wasn’t. However one year on, the transfer of the contents of ‘The Porto Flynn Network’ were complete and the site was wound down a few months ago. I’m quite happy in the career I’m in and may continue to keep it this way for the forseeable future.

Looking at all of that, I must admit I never imagined life turning out this way. But do I regret not being the friendliest, yet got things done warden, that partnership didn’t last, or that my career veered from Computers to Music to Music Technology to Technology in Education? Not at all. They may have all been different adventures, but they all helped me get to where I am today and if time travel was possible, I would only revisit it all for the memories, not to change a thing.

So I guess the next question is, where will I be in 5 years time? The answer is, who knows? All I wish for is that whatever I’m doing, whoever I’m with (myself, friends, family or another half), I’m still here sharing it with you all and that I’m happy and I hope you will all feel the same.


So if you’re reading this, try it for yourself. Where were you 5 years ago? Would you change it if you could? Where do you think you’ll be 5 years from now? You don’t have to share it, but feel free to discuss below if you so wish.

Happy Sunday and I wish you all a wonderful future week, because you never know, it might set you on a path to make you who you are in 5 years.