The Year of Doing

So I’m sure a week and a bit in you’re probably sick to death of hearing ‘Happy New Year!’ every 5 minutes and you’re at that state where you’re either revelling in your new found activity you’ve chosen to take up or you’re regretting those weird, wonderful and/or drunken resolutions you pledged to do on the big night (I for one still stand by my tweet that I will learn AD&D this year starting with Boulder’s Gate and go on to face the more gruelling chambers in the main RPG story-lines in time).

This year, I’m trying to push myself into doing more of the wild and crazy things I consider. Last year was one of healing, moving and adapting – where many things were pushed back due to financial or work commitments and when the time finally came back around, the motivation to get back to it was replaced by laziness or procrastination. This year for me will be “The Year of Doing”. Now I know that’s a little cliché as it’s what everyone does say before things inevitably fizzle out, but this time I’m not focussing on the success, I’m focusing on the getting up off my arse and making those wheels turn. If it fails, it fails, if it succeeds all the better. The important thing is whatever was hypothesised or proposed, it was done or at least attempted to be done. As motivation to help fuel this, many things have been announced on the main Rose Tinted Archer blog and if it’s big and project related, I’ll keep on telling you all, so you can hold me to keep you informed!

I hope to apply the mantra to my everyday ideas and decisions too (which is convenient being at a bit of a crossroads on a couple of things in life), and if you’re like me and can struggle with motivation sometimes I encourage you to do the same. Write down what you want to achieve this year in a format similar to a bucket list – it could be big or small, from making that big move to a new place to starting your new diet to asking out that person you pass in the library every week for a beverage. Try to keep it realistic though as you’ve only got 12 months to do it in (or at least start it) and you’re going to have to try and stick to it! If you think you’ll break easily, maybe add a forfeit to keep yourself motivated – almost like a swear jar collection or a regular treat or yourself in your house which you either give to charity or reinvest in your resolution. If you want even more motivation, flip it so you have a reward of sorts to enjoy at the end of the year and each time you fail, you remove a portion of it.

Whatever you’ve chosen to take on this year I hope you manage to keep to it and I wish you all the best for the 51 weeks ahead.