Game Day

After many weeks, there often comes the time for things to come to a head. For many today of course that follow American Football, this will be the Super Bowl kicking off in a couple of hours.

For people playing sports in their own respective teams may have been participating this weekend or even today.

For others who may have had experiences I’ve described in the posts over the last couple of weeks may have now made their decision and now must take actions based on it.

Whatever your current situation, taking on your game day always requires a quick pep talk to ensure you have the right tactics – not only a win for your team (be that work, sports or family and friends) but also an accomplishment for yourself.

Admittedly this is a little hypocritical coming from the guy who either works it out as he goes, or makes a plan and then 99% of the time will deviate from it for whatever reason. But for those that are more organised or could probably benefit from some sort of idea of what’s going on, creating a game plan for yourself will often help alleviating the scary prospect of excess thinking on your feet should something unexpected happening.

How you do this, depends on what you need to achieve. If it’s like me trying to write blogs and to keep up with it on top of a job and life, then perhaps some scheduling may benefit. I myself after obtaining a free promotional wall planner am taking the responsibility to prevent things from running away from me like in weeks past by using Mondays to try and plan the week ahead where possible for content and where possible strike out ideas for the future weeks. If you’d like one of your own, one I would recommend that I used to have have hung on my wall in my student house as a warden (until the frame broke) – a whiteboard version that allowed you to build up whichever month it is, write out your plans and when you get to the last day, you can wipe it off and start the next month – saving you a bit of dosh in the long term!

If you’re more of a person that needs something a little more portable, consider a trip to your local stationer and invest in a planner or a diary to keep your ideas and commitments in. For the digital types a cheaper alternative is to make use of the base apps on your smartphone such as the synchronised Google Calender on Android, Calender for iOS or the calender app on BlackberryOS.

Other great tools include planning applications online (Evernote, Todoist and Trello are personal recommendations I’ve tried in the past – not sponsored!) as well as working on team platforms such as Invision and Slack (again, not sponsored but would happily recommend – wouldn’t say no to a sponsorship though 😉 ).

As you outline your game plan, be sure to work out any contingencies to ensure that you have every base covered in some way, even if this is just a list of what to do if things don’t work out.

However you choose to come up with your own schedule or plan, I wish you an amazing week and if you’re watching tonight like me, regardless of whom you back you have an amazing game night!