Next Year’s Plans

So here we are at the end of the year and I feel proud to have made some interesting stuff through this. Unfortunately lack of money and life in general got in the way so I haven’t had to to actually manufacture stuff.

However, from tomorrow there’s a whole new year ahead for me to document some more creative bits and pieces that will hopefully come to fruition. So as today’s article (since a tired 2016 Mike has run out of other ideas this late in the year!), let’s have a look at a few things 2017 Mike will have a crack at writing about:

Portal Themed Living Room Coffee Table

So, I’ve been in my place for about 6 months now and only just got around to sorting out a coffee table (I don’t get many visitors, many due to a lack of place to store drinks, which I delayed buying owing to not really having visitors here since I’m out at their place or elsewhere!). So, then I’ve bought something simple to keep me going now, but considering this is my first place of my own, I thought I could inject a little video game spirit and make use of something I’ve always wanted to build – an Apeture Science cube from Portal (both the companion and the weighted storage versions). So, based on designs I’ve seen online, join me on my quest  to build my own take on this and make them into a table (and media centre).

The IKEA Inspired Studio

This project sprung from an earlier project when I first moved in and needed a desk without paying through the roof for one. Using an old IKEA wardrobe that was here when I arrived, I managed to use the hinges to make a strongish desk that was stable enough to support my keyboard, a TV and my laptop as a temporary solution. Based on the success of this and hearing of the “LACK Rack” concept from the creative David Leech of our Blended Learning Team at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals for mounting my 19″ rack equipment into, I decided to expand this idea from using the table mentioned above once the Portal one was complete and using a mix of new and old furniture predominately from IKEA (as it’s cheap and modular), create a nice workspace for future WAVE Media and FMP Productions. This project isn’t sponsored nor endorsed by IKEA themselves and use of the name is purely to identify their products and methods as ingredients in the final design.

Hypotheses & Challenges

This little series of posts I hope to create during the periods where I don’t have much to update on the bigger projects, to share the more abstract, ambitious or just plain ridiculous ideas with you all in the hope I’ll be able to make them, inspire others to make them or at least give you a laugh at something bizarre that I concoct on a Friday Night.

If people are interested enough in these, it would be great to make this into challenges that you suggest to see what my twisted mind can do to resolve them.

More Media & Downloadable Things

Granted it was a small following, I had a lot of fun making things on the Canva platform and hope to continue to create more content live after seeing many other people try similar things on weekends. Again, if people like it it would be fun to expand on this concept and create other things live such as basic 3D Projects, web based projects, composition and recording sessions and many other creative outlets either with myself or with other friends and collaborators too.

A Video Platform?

Blogging is just one small part of content creation on the internet with many people these days working on stuff through video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. If projects start to take off, it would be cool to offer a blend of content through video as well as the textual/pictorial approach and help you join in the fun of making new stuff either to a theme, challenge or just to hack parts of life.


Do any of these sound interesting to you? Feel free to let me know in the comments below or indeed let me know if there’s anything else interesting you’d like me to try (realistic suggestions please! I’m on a tight budget at the moment!!)


Hope you all have a wonderful New Year and I’ll see you all in 2017!



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