Greetings students!

So you’ve made it to uni, you’re on your own and there’s something you’re not sure on – that’s why you’re here right? Or maybe you know some things that you think others should know about?

Whatever your reason for landing on this site, welcome! This blog has been set up to help folks survive their uni life, come out with something decent and hopefully have a bit of fun whilst they’re at it.

When I started university, there wasn’t a lot out there (except perhaps ‘The Student Room’ and ‘Student Beans’), but otherwise it was up to my assigned fresher parents and what I’d learned from American TV programs (which don’t really touch the British student life a lot) to help me get through the first week and the rest to learn from as I went on in life. So I though with most of us being connected to the internet a lot these days I could help share some knowledge so that if one person learn from some of my mistakes before they can make them themselves, I’ve passed on something from my time, in the hope you can all have an awesome few years around town and on campus and make some life long friends and connections in the process.

I’ve taken inspiration from previous endeavours on similar topics such as the TV show ‘Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide’ and the main cast member’s spiritual successor ‘Devon Werkheiser’s Life Survival Guide’ and the content of sites such as ‘Buzzfeed’ and ‘Graduate Beans’.

If you’ve ever got some ideas to put towards this blog, I’d be happy to hear them and if you’re interested in sharing more often it would be great to have you on board as as fellow poster! Just let me know on the contact page and we’ll see where we go from there!

Otherwise, happy studying/drinking/partying/exploring/mattress surfing and see you on the other side!

Mike 🙂