In the Works

This week has been one of productivity in many facets. For one it seems my whole flat is undergoing refurbishment, from damp control downstairs and kitchen update, to the workspace upgrade upstairs (that will hopefully keep pace next month). There’s talks going on to refurbish more rooms at the Trust as well as working on next steps for our new staff intake and a wider uptake of people taking responsibility with the Ed Tech resources we have across the sites. And perhaps further goings on to expand more of the stuff I create and the people I work with. More to be revealed in the future.

With all this work going off I’ve often thought it’s worth remembering to keep your bearing when you’re working and keep your eye on the final destination to prevent things from losing track. That said, if a possible diversion comes up, it’s worth looking on the map to see if it serves any benefit. It’s often said that you don’t know what’s around the corner and if you miss a potential turning, you’ll always be wondering or perhaps regretting. This works the other way though too hence why it’s worth considering rather than being hasty. If this sounds a little confusing, take a look at Freeway Theory from How I Met Your Mother.

Here’s to the future and what it may bring through the choices we make.


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