Thine Be the Glory: The 2017 Easter Toast

Perhaps one of the more sung hymns this Sunday in churches today as of course it’s Easter Sunday.

For those of the Christian faith around the world it’s the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ after being Crucified on Good Friday, being placed into the tomb, only to find the stone rolled away on the third day and Jesus walking around again to the astonishment of his disciples.

For many who participate regardless of faith, it’s a relief to finally finish the 40 day (or more if you did include the Sundays too) tradition during lent giving something up and tucking into a mountain of chocolate. It’s also the joy for many who work, if you’re so lucky  to have Bank Holidays off in the UK, to have an extra couple of days off either side of the weekend.

The central theme around Easter of course, regardless of your background is new life. Spring plants will start to grow and reclaim the land after the winter and the association with eggs won’t be completely lost in the animal kingdom at this time either.

So if you needed an excuse to start off on a new venture, perhaps express something you’ve been holding back or perhaps to take a new big life step, use this time to serve as inspiration to help you take your first step on the journey of a thousand miles.

If you’re not starting from afresh but looking to build on what you already have, then perhaps looking towards a change or upgrade is another great option, whether you go for refurbishment materialistically or emotionally, refreshment or perhaps reviewing and revising to help the next financial year go better (or better still) for you.

However you celebrate this Easter time and whatever you may have taken away from it, I sincerely hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and you will have some downtime in it if you haven’t already, so you can go back fighting fit on Tuesday with a fresh look into future life.

Happy Easter to you all!


Easter 2017 Greeting. Own Work


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