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Hello everyone! So this is Blogtober the 7th and the launch of the ‘Friday Mike Project’ (three guesses where that came from). This week’s project is very Meta. Building the blog itself. So far, the basic WordPress site is online. I know I know, not a lot to see, but these sites take time to set up (even without building the themes). As an insight to everything I thought I would share the setup experience live. Feel free to read the updates below and we’ll see how we go!

Happy Friday!

Mike 🙂

mike 7th October 20169:36 pm

Okay, so the post is up and the categories entered. Now, let’s get a skin!

mike 7th October 20169:59 pm

Okay, so lesson one, liveblogging on WordPress prevents Publicize from working (I think, will investigate next week…)

mike 7th October 201610:02 pm

Found the skin for use now. There may be a custom one in the future…

mike 7th October 201610:03 pm

The theme I’ve chosen for those interested is Gridster-Lite. I did look at “Flat” by ThemeIsle, but this seemed more appropriate for now.

mike 7th October 201610:04 pm

So let’s get tweaking!

mike 7th October 201610:22 pm

Okay, so the left side looks good and AddToAny is configured.

mike 7th October 201610:37 pm

Right, I’ll develop a proper logo at some point in this, but for now I’m going to tweak the HTML so the title text doesn’t overlap on the homepage

mike 7th October 201610:52 pm

That’s better

mike 7th October 201611:00 pm

Okay, so now the design is at a workable point, it’s time to tweak the backend. So without boring you to death, here are how these blogs will work. Similar to how’s rules work, you guys can comment as guests, but to prove you’re real, you’ll need to provide some details and (maybe) prove you’re not a robot (only because in the month or so the site has been live again, spam is already occuring!). Hope that’s not too much of a pain with you all for the sake of us having a better community!

mike 7th October 201611:26 pm

Okay, some tweaks done and we’re good to go for next week now!

mike 7th October 201611:40 pm

I’ve finished off the night by creating the About page to explain what all the effort of tonight was about.

mike 7th October 201611:43 pm

I hope those that have joined enjoyed your evening and those reading this in the future let me know if I should do another live blog so you can join in.

I hope you’re having a happy Friday and I’ll see you next time.

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