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It’s Friday, it’s the weekend and it’s time for another (semi) LIVE blog on the Friday Mike Project. This week I’ll be designing both a write up manual for a last minute AV build at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals today as well as a poster ready as a downloadable WAVE Media resource. All of this will be built through the online package Canva with a little design in GIMP, Inkscape and maybe Blender too if needs be and I’ll be posting regular updates as I go along.

Feel free to comment if you’re not up to much or see the finished blog post which will be complete by midnight.

Happy Friday everyone!


mike 14th October 20168:17 pm

With a quick switch of the browsers (for Canva), let’s get cracking

mike 14th October 20168:26 pm

Hmm, looks like Canva is having a bad day, but we’ll soldier on!

mike 14th October 20168:32 pm

Just a temporary background as something to work upon

mike 14th October 20168:54 pm

Oh yeah, we’re going there

mike 14th October 20169:19 pm

Little bit of digging and now bringing out the old school photos!

mike 14th October 20169:35 pm

First one done!

mike 14th October 201610:13 pm

Number 2…

mike 14th October 201610:45 pm

Number 3 completed!

mike 14th October 201611:12 pm

Number 4. This one is relateable sometimes

mike 14th October 201611:29 pm

Number 5

mike 14th October 201611:33 pm

I think I’m going to call the live blogging here for now. But hopefully you’ve had insight on the upcoming poster and article. I’m sorry you didn’t get to see the poster guide, but unfortunately things seem to be running slow (not sure if it’s Chrome or Canva, but something’s a little different).

Thanks for joining me guys and a shout out to Dave for the friendly comment!
mike 14th October 201611:34 pm

See you next Friday!

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