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Finishing the Poster

Another Friday, another day of #blogtober and another liveblog! This week I’m finishing off the first Ten Things poster focusing on things that drive technicians insane.

Once it’s finished it’ll be downloadable as a resource on the WAVE Media site.

Feel free to comment as always to join the conversation live, or see the finished blog post which will be complete by midnight.

Enjoy the start to your weekend!


mike 21st October 20168:31 pm

Hello everyone. How’s your Friday been (or still going if you’re in countries afar)? Tonight I’m going to be (hopefully) finishing the poster I started last week. If anyone is interested, I’m developing it in Canva, a free online graphics creator. If you like me often can’t draw to save their lives and still make to make some cool stuff, give it a try – you might suprise yourself. If you can draw, try it too and use it to unlock your inner potential further! You can access it in a modern browser (at current Chrome and Firefox seem to be the best supported) at and look out for the updates by following them on Facebook and Twitter @Canva notsponsored

mike 21st October 20168:33 pm

So this is a section of part of the layout so far and the first bit I’m going to tweak is point number 3 a bit further down so it fits better. Right now it kind of looks like it’s crashing into point number 2…

mike 21st October 20168:47 pm

There, much better!

mike 21st October 20168:48 pm

So moving back to where I originally signed off, we’ll move onto point number 6

mike 21st October 20169:01 pm

Can you tell what it is yet?

mike 21st October 20169:16 pm

First icon done, just a second one to go…

mike 21st October 20169:33 pm

Number 6 completed

mike 21st October 201610:12 pm

Number 7!

mike 21st October 201610:26 pm

This one may take some time. So a quick poll to any readers, current or future. What’s the most enraging thing you hear as a technician (whatever your trade, video, audio, pharmacy, manufacturing, electrical etc…)?

mike 21st October 201611:02 pm

Number 8. Hope I haven’t been too harsh!

mike 21st October 201611:28 pm

Steps 9 and 10 are almost there.

mike 21st October 201611:37 pm

Here’s number 9

mike 21st October 201611:54 pm

And finally at the 3hr 45 minute mark, here is Number 10 with a little shout out to Canva for the awesome tools!

Now all it’s short of is a textured background (I feel the gradient has grown on me) and I’ll release it with a blog post in the next week.

mike 21st October 201611:55 pm

With it coming to midnight I’m afraid that’s all I’ve got time for. If you managed to stop by, thanks for reading and if you’re reading this at a later date, I hope you enjoyed this little journey.

Have a great weekend everyone and see you next Friday.


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