Achievement Guide: Middle Years

During the few months I’ve been writing on this blog I realise I’ve spoken a lot about your first year and final year as undergraduates, as well as a little towards postgrad and feel bad I’ve not really covered much on what to do in the middle of all of that.

So for the first in a small series of posts I’m focusing on you guys. Whilst this isn’t a bucket list per se (more of that in the future), here are the badges of honour or shame you can award to your housemates and friends of second year (and third if you’re on a four year course or any in-between number if you’re on a part time) for their various endeavours. Pictures to come!

Two Minutes to Midnight

This achievement is for anyone out there who makes a start on their assignment the night before. Now when I say that I don’t mean at 4pm. We’re talking a few hours before most children go to bed and are still going before all the adults join them. Bonus points to those that still pass.

The Butcher…

This one is for the chefs of student houses (despite the title, Veggie and Vegan Chefs are included!) The ones who cook you dinner once in a while and you feel like you’re in a restraunt. The one who fills up your accomodation with amazing smells, and occasionally drives you out when they set of the fire alarm!

…The Baker…

Like the butcher, the baker is the reason you rarely visit Krispy Kreme, Greggs or Country Style. From the smell of fresh bread to worktops filled with cookies and biscuits, these will be the people keep us smiling all the way to the dentist (where you can get some replacement knashers to fill it out with again).

…And the Candle Wick Breaker.

Slight variation on the phrase as unlike their counterparts these guys are the flame lovers of the house. Filling your place with the latest scent, providing a great alternative and back up plan to your electricity (when the fuse goes or you forget to pay the bill) and becoming the masters of romance and the nemesis of your accommodation officer.

The Fairly Odd Parents

These are the responsible leaders of many circles of friends. Sometimes of parental responsibility, some just born to look after. These are the guys that ensure you get your required food, bully you into doing your work, lend you a bit of cash when you spent a bit too much last Friday Night or had to pay out for those expensive bills. Make sure to remember to get them flowers and or beer and wine on your respective Mother’s and Father’s Days in your country!

Master of the House

Who needs to go out for a night on the tiles, when you can sip a cold one with the friend who’s furniture is made out of crates. Need a beer? He’s got it. Wine? In the kitchen. Top shelf? Look up. This achievement is not necessarily for encouragement to alcohol, merely one who can enable you should you need something to predrinks. On the plus side, you know one present to get them at Christmas.

The Lost Boy/Girl

Here’s to the ones that can still party and drink like a fresher and still make it to Lectures in some way shape or form. Realising that this year counts, they put in what effort they can but the idea of “growing up” and being responsible doesn’t seem like their prioirty right now. Fair play to them if they still want to live a little.


Have you got any accolades you’d give yourself or your peers? Are there any you disagree with? Feel free to leave me a comment down below. If you like the idea of these posts I’ll release some more this year for the other years of college and university.





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