New Term, New Formats, New Stuff!

So, it’s been a while since I essayed, oddly enough like your assignments and lectures and in the short break there have been many lessons learned. I was going to save this announcement until summer, but with graduation around the corner for many and results day coming up for many of those about to enter university, it only made more sense to tell you about it before everything changes. So here’s what’s coming up in the site’s sophomore year:

New Design

Tired of the blue and white student newspaper look? Me too. It was never meant to be permanent theme, just sadly never got the time to make up a new one, but this September in the run up to fresher’s week, something new will be coming…

New Post Themes and Formats

Assginment writing is very time consuming right? Well, so is writing about a life of writing assignments (oh wait, I did a Music Tech degree, what’s an essay to me 😉 ), so I’m thinknig about changing up the weekly schedule to include some new types of posts that will spice up the survival guide. These formats/series include the return of Prove It!, Drink or WIN (a do-don’t style guide), FREE stuff to download on the 5th Tuesday of a month and Lessons Learned (a series on the things me and friends/colleagues have experienced and what we took away from it). Many more of these are to be announced over time, so stay tuned as we expand, perhaps beyond the guide itself!

New Stuff To Use

I don’t want to sit and just fire out stuff for you to purely read and I’m sure you don’t want just stuff to read each week, so every now and then I’ll give you stuff to use be in in classes, in studying or in partying. If you think there might be something I could produce that’s of use to you as well, let me know in the comments and I’ll give it the old college try!

(Hopefully) New Yous

As the new features and design comes in, I don’t want to make this all a one way street. Let’s start a conversation! I’ll be bringing on new ways to interact and new social features over time that I can’t wait for people to try out, so get involved and tell me what you agree and disagree with, tell others and you never know, you might just connect over a simple thought!


Take care guys this summer and I’ll have a brand new post next week for those whom are graduating.