Over to You (August ’17)

Okay, so here’s something different for this week. I’m turning the tables and asking you to fill in the blank for me. What I’d like to know is:

What Bothers (or Bothered) You the Most About Your Lecturer or Tutor’s Teaching Style?

This could be the delivery of the lecture or a workshop, the way the module/class is laid out, any points of feeling disengaged, the frequency and weight of the assignments/homework – whatever you wished wasn’t part of the experience or could be changed to serve you better.

Now whilst this is an opinion poll, it doesn’t give license to personally attack your educator in answer to my question. Likewise to keep it confidential no tutor names please. If you’d also like to remain anonymous yourself, feel free to leave a pseudonym in the comments below rather than on the social media posts (privacy note: your email address will not be displayed either to the world and is only used to keep you up to date on the thread of discussion).

Be sure to check back next week to see the compiled opinions along with another new post next week.



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