5 Annoying Habits that Drive Your Housemates Insane

Living with your housemates for close to four months now, if not more with only a few weeks break in between. Ao surely by now, regardless of your accommodation type (we’ll refer to your co-residents as ‘housemates’ in this article to make it less wordy), if you’re sharing you’ve surely picked up on your housemate’s habits. Whilst some of their more interesting routines make great memories, there’s some that may not sit so well with you.

If you’re one for the more notable lifestyle quirks, take note of these selected 5 things that can drive your fellow residents potty:


It’s understandable sometimes that when you’ve had that 4am burger & chips and you can barely stand that you don’t want to wake your Housemates to clunking ceramic.  The same can be said from cleaning off a pretty gnarly baked on meal that needs a little time to soak. But when the pot pile begins to grow and fester, so will the rage within your housemates. If you all share a sink, some people may feel disgusted at still seeing the remnants of your dinner several days on and also probably don’t want to feel the health effects of the growing germs. If you’re not an immediate washer, you have a choice: 1.) Wash them or 2.) Keep them in your space, not your friends’ space.


Similar to the above, there’s always the housemate that leaves a trail of destruction behind them. Now, I’m not the tidiest in the world as many will say, but there are some scary sights to be seen in Uni accommodation from the wasteland level of rubbish that didn’t quite make it to the bin, ever, to the fact that they haven’t showered for a week to save money on water/shower gel/detergent in return for great times. This often isn’t a problem unless you plan to bring a significant other or family member into the house. If you live with a couple or a housemate that wants to let somebody stay, call this a special enough occasion for a quick session, make friends with Henry the hoover and take a trip to Poundland for some Oust (or alternative brand).

The Mooch

The finisher of going out of date food, the one who always makes sure you have company on your games console or in your car or at dinner and the reviewer of your assignments to make sure they make sense. Sounds idyllic right? Well…until you realise they still have a large amount of their loan left whilst you’re struggling on cheap noodles, great marks whilst you tackle the plagiarism scanner and somehow has clocked up more achievements on a game you’ve been playing for years.

The Mooch is a dangerous character, sometimes not realising themselves that they are one. They feed on opportunity, often without returning the favour. Care must be taken when addressing a mooch to prevent offence, however it must be addressed before a situation occurs, particularly if you are still in a living contract with them.

The One Who Took Sean Kingston Too Seriously

By that I mean the lyrics of “Sleep all day and party all night!“. Now as students life can be a great party, however it doesn’t always have to you be in your house if your housemates need some kip for the next day. Loud music, loud arguments and/or loud sex can often put off housemates that aren’t partying with you and can sometimes can polarize the household.

If you sleep on opposite hours, negotiate so you can party with your friends on some nights and, if you promise not to turn into any of the first three, that you can have the odd party at yours whilst they’re at home or out at other friends.

The Whinge

Now, I’ve complained about a lot of groups that are seen to “misbehave” whilst being students. Unfortunately there’s two sides to every coin and this one is the one who complains too much or without thinking.

When it comes to complaining about your housemates, think carefully if they do fall into any of the extremes like the ones mentioned above. If they’ve only left the pots out for a day, you haven’t yet asked them to turn down the music at 10pm or perhaps they need a little lesson with Henry first. Instead of raising hell at the first sign of rebellion or insolence, perhaps have a quiet discussion or if on a scale, a house meeting to diplomatically discuss the matter.

After all, nobody likes a whinge.


Have you ever been one of these people or perhaps have lived with (or currently do) live with one? How did you deal with the situations? Feel free to leave a comment down below.

A poster filled with these ideas and any amazing ones you submit (complete with your credit) will be coming soon.



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