I Remember…Food & Drink (Minicast)

As part of the posting schedule throughout the month if a Tuesday falls on the 5th week of the month, I like to do something special since it doesn’t happen very often (5 times in the next 12 months including today at my count). So today instead of a list, advice or series based post I’d like to introduce you to something I like to call a ‘minicast’. In essence, it’s shorter than a podcast but longer than a sound bite or vox pop.

This series of minicasts will see you hearing my experience of university in an informal context across broad topics of student life from food and drink to night time antics and the work/life balance of being an undergraduate in the late 2000s and early 2010s as (as the title suggests) I remember.

The first one is on Food and Drink in the home setting across my first three years.

Owing to the limited time frame I had to build up part of my recording setup, record it and perform the most basic of editing after two days of recording and editing in my day role for an event, this first one has been created in a rough and ready “unplugged” style with all the umms and buts left in for a little exta authenticity. Please use the play controls below to access the minicast. If you can’t see anything, Soundcloud may be trying to load the content using Flash player, which you can download from Adobe, Google Chrome (Pepper Flash) or the GNU Project.