Flipping Good Pancakes: A few Ideas to Try

So there’s no doubt you’ve heard that Shrove Tuesday this year is today. If you celebrate the day by eating Pancakes,  here’s a few ways to do it regardless of your diet or budget:

Can’t Cook or Won’t Cook?

If you’re like me and have a probability that  fire and doom can happen whenever you use a oven,  range or hob (choose as appropriate), why not try a ready mix? You may have to nip to a 24hr supermarket to get one in time tonight, but these bad boys will allow you to knock out several Pancakes in one sitting by simply adding a little milk and pouring straight into your frying pan/skillet.

Need Gluten Free?

Pancakes are sadly one of the many foods gluten intolerant people sadly have to give up after diagnosis. We,  thanks to this really helpful and easy recipe you may be able to enjoy pancakes again!

Try It the ‘American’ Way

Jealous of the Americans having all the fun enjoying these for breakfast on a regular basis? Why not use today as an excuse to try these smaller Pancakes by following the steps in this great tutorial from Howcast.  Great if you’re on a diet but still want to join in!

Get Creative With Your Toppings

Why should Sugar,  Lemons,  Bananas and Strawberries get all the limelight? Of you fancy trying out a world of different flavours,  try frozen Blueberries whilst you cook your batter or get a little more adventurous and try a few alternative ingredients such as Chocolate (melted or spreadable),  Pineapple, Different blends of Syrups etc.  If it works on a Pizza or an omelette,  I’m sure it wouldn’t be too bad on a pancake right?


Considering many go nuts on this day in order to use up food like our ancestors would in order to prepare for fasting on Ash Wednesday,  it’s quite easy unless you’re making a thick pancake to overload the poor thing with many toppings,  causing them to drop off your fork as you eat them, like a pizza slice.

If you share this pain,  then once your batter has formed well enough and you have flipped l,  why not add your ingredients in the pan in the centre,  fold over one half with your spatula and pour a little more butter on the end.  Leave it to cook for a couple of minutes and BAM!  you have a ‘Panzone’! Keeps your toppings in, meaning you can have more.

Why Not Watch a Vlog or Let’s Play As You Eat?

As you’re busy Snapchatting and posting your culinary creations to your Instagram Stories, why not follow along the story of two wonderful people whom happen to refer to their audience affectionately as “Pancakes”. This isn’t sponsored, I just thought it no better time than to share the love by recommending them as a watch whilst you dine.  I’ve been watching Mike and Brittany’s daily posts for over a year now and never fail to be entertained by the antics of their pets Nora, Oscar and Jack as well as feel humbled by their kindness towards their friends and their friends’ kindness in return.

If you enjoy dogs, cats, cool stuff, games and adventures, or just interested in everyday life across in the USA, I couldn’t recommend them more. You can check out their stuff on the Press Record, Paw Record, BBPaws,  Brittany Bear Paws and Zesty Plays channels on YouTube by using the links to the right.


However you choose to enjoy your food today, I hope they come out well and don’t turn into some new form of cement or get stuck on the ceiling (speaking from experience for both!)