3 Ways to Celebrate Pi Day

So, if you haven’t heard yet, today we celebrate the constant of Pi (3.141592…) thanks to those using the Middle-Endian date format of 3/14. Whilst many whom aren’t mathematically might wonder how to celebrate this numerical occasion, here’s 3 and a bit ways to enjoy the experience:

Invest in a Cheap Computer

For British folk, the name “Raspberry Pi” is a badge of pride being one of the most successful affordable computers that helped to pioneer hacking and coding for the younger age in the 21st century so far. Starting out with the intention of allowing schoolchildren access to a basic computer to learn programming skills on, the Pi has exploded in popularity and found uses in many projects from smart IoT inventions, to cheap media players, to web servers and basic everyday productivity machines ranging from as little as £4 for the “Zero” edition (Very often out of stock) to ~£35 GBP for a Model 3B (the latest version). So if you fancy learning a few new skills that might just help you with a job in the future, or you just want a cheap new thing to complete essays on or watch movies with, check out your favourite electronics shop for the Raspberry Pi range.

Pop Down to Your Local Chippy

(if you’re in the UK)

If you’re in the United Kingdom or a country with a nearby “Chip Shop” and failing that, your local bakery almost anywhere, enjoy your Pi day with a “Pie” for dinner.

For those with culinary talents, why not make one up with your favourite filling?

However you want to enjoy it, enjoy responsibly!

 Get Pi(e) Eyed

As students, what do (many) of you do best? Drink. If you’re into creative cocktails or shots, why not try out some themed drinks? Links to the right as always.

I hope you enjoy the day whatever you choose to do!


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