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Charms of the Sea


At University, I got to work with Scarborough Museums Trust & with Apollo Creative‘s Mark Hildred on “Charms of the Sea”. As a class we all took on a role in small teams to develop an interface for an installation exhibit. This was themed around charms collected by local legend William James Clarke over the late 19th and early 20th Century.

Our teams had 6 weeks to develop an interactive “patch” using Cycling 74‘s Max 5 programming environment. This result would then form part of the larger interface. Each section was a category of charms depending on their use.

Our team was Trade Charms consisting of engineer Bruno Siu and John Maguire. Bruno took the lead on programming the patch whilst John develped the graphics and provided voice talent as a character in our quiz game. I took on the audio designer role, also voicing the narrator throughout the user’s experience of the installation.

A n archive of each project is available on Blogger, with ours viewable here.

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