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SLIGHT Change of Plan

Okay, so one week on from the proposed schedule I went back to my ‘actual’ job at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals after being on Annual Leave/Time Owed back/the weekend and realised our crazy workload shows no sign of slowing down (as explained in my Sunday Roast post), I’m thinking of taking it down a notch, at least for now. Being a one man band at present there’s only so much I can output at a time without affecting the quality of the posts (I’ll let you draw those conclusions), so the  new plan is below for each week starting from today:

Each Fortnight, I’ll also post on the Friday Mike Project with details on past and present projects.

And then there’s the 5th week days that occasionally crop up in the year. For those, I’ll do something a little different for you all.  This may change from month to month or season to season depending on what’s most appropriate. Some things you can expect are:

  • Live Blogging
  • Podcasts
  • Animations
  • Downloadable Resoruces & Creations
  • Collaborations & Guest Posts
  • Bigger Things in the future? (Merch, Givaways – let me know what you’re interested in!)

I’m excited for what the future might bring and hope I can keep these blogs alive as long as there’s interest. As things may calm down or may be able to become more managable so as to bring back balance to work & life, I’ll look at posting more again in the future, but for now this should hopefully create a happy medium.


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