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New Year, New Stuff!

Happy New Year!

So it’s now January again and time to start making and keeping those New Year’s resolutions. Being someone that fails a lot, but doesn’t particularly like failing (since I do take challenges and stuff far too seriously), I want to set some realistic goals for myself and with that, make some more new stuff across the sites and the network this year. So here’s a list of the (broadly speaking) things I want to try and get out to you this year.

More ‘Actual Stuff’

Writing about topics on WAVE Media and looking back at projects on FMP is all well and good for my own reflection, but I know you guys like to see STUFF. We spend enough time looking at videos on the internet, listening to music in the pub or on our favourite streaming services, experiencing art in galleries and theatres and random dancing in the streets to know we like it when people show off things they make, usually more than them just talking about the things they have done.

So now I’ve got a 12 month road to map out what I want to do rather than just 3, I’d like to try and plan in some cool things to share with you. See (almost) yesterday’s post on FMP for more on the physical things.

More Digital Stuff

I also want to start back into Music production and expand into other media too, so expect more music, podcasts, basic animation and basic graphical pieces and video and other cool stuff on WAVE Media too.

I’d like to try and continue some of the series stuff that I’ve done as well including finishing off the first ‘Worth It?’ one on AV in home entertainment, the “I Remember” posts on Noodle and Bean, the alternate content on the occasional 5th week of the month that blogs publish and expand the “drives you insane” posts across all sites.

Three BIG Projects

No, these aren’t famous things (yet), but they’re big for me to make. I don’t want to reveal too much as I need to work out how feasible they’re going to be in the space of a year and plan accordingly or break it up into chunks if they aren’t.

All I’ll say now is one will be web based, one will involve one or more Raspberry Pis and some electronics and the third will be either an animation or interactive story, or both (I haven’t really fleshed it out fully yet).

They won’t be easy, so they’ll take a lot of time but I’ll reveal a little more once they have gained some sort of traction (or perhaps explore them in an FMP post if they fail epically in development).

Maybe Another Site (or an external channel)!?!

This highly depends on the workload of all the above, how much time my day job workload takes over post new year (it was pretty relentless over the last 6 months!!), but it would be nice not to stand still now I have something to work on in my free time and something to share with you all after a couple of previous blog and many previous websites that didn’t go anywhere. What it will be exactly, again will depend on the uptake of everything else and how it all evolves, but as soon as I see a useful direction or suggestion or indeed a problem that could be solved, I’ll let you know.


I want to wish you all a Happy New Year now we’ve arrived and as mentioned on The Sunday Roast, I really hope you all have an awesome year of opportunity, happiness, peace and productivity!


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  1. Denyse 1st January 2017

    Looking forward to it all

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